JPhotoBrush Pro

JPhotoBrush Pro 1.1

Image program

If you want to enhance, edit or retouch images then JPhotoBrush Pro is the right tool for you. JPhotoBrush Pro has a user friendly interface that allows you to work with different filters, effects and transformations.

You will find that most effects have a wide range of adjustments. This program has been tested on many operating systems with successful results.

JPhotoBrush Pro is targeted to all kind of users. The beginner or casual user will easily find what they need to enhance family photos while more professional users will find it powerful enough for professional graphs.

With this program you can create animated GIF from several pictures, scrolling banners, 3D texts, shadow texts and circular texts. Some of the effects included are Diffuse, Mosaic, Venetian Blinds, Buttonize, Scramble, Wave, etc.